There's one part of operating your business that you just can't get your head around and you want to get it solved so you can move on and make money. 

You need someone to look at your roadblock and take you through the steps to fix it - fast!

You need the Take Action Accelerator! 


You've been tearing your hair out trying to solve that problem in your business, and you just don't know how to make it work.

You've been in all the Facebook Groups asking questions, getting dozens of different answers which leave you feeling even more confused than when you started.

You know you need to overcome this roadblock in your business so that you can get back to making money.


You find someone that has been there, done that and has the results to prove it.

You overcome your roadblock in as little as 60 minutes allowing you to carry on with the important parts of your business - like making money!

This is what the Take Action Accelerator is made for! 

It allows you to connect with me, a self-confessed tech geek with a love of all things marketing and strategy.

I won't just help you create your post-purchase email sequence, I will help you implement the emails in your email service provider so they are ready to make you money!

Need support with an upcoming launch? I can help you create and schedule the emails, and guide you through the Canva artwork creation too, so you have a sell-out launch!

I'll also give you 3 actionable tasks to complete and keep you accountable with 5 days of Messenger and email access.


"You have a great way of showing how things look from the customer standpoint. I love that you teach and explain from a genuine 'I've been there position' and your technical knowledge was hugely reassuring. I love your commonsense way of addressing things and that 'there are no silly questions.'"


I discovered how to increase sales, engage my audience, give them exactly what they want and need and now...I am on a mission to help you!

In my early days, I collaborated with another business mum to showcase the works of 14 product businesses.  We had one unbelievable pop-up shop that took an amazing £14,000 in just 7 days of trading! 

In 2014 took my love of crafts and grew my spare bedroom product business to a 750 sq.ft unit, staff, and turned over £300k within 3 years and while raising my son.

I almost threw it all away when I was cyberbullied.  After much reflection, I decided I wouldn't let it define me, and that I wanted to give back to those that supported me.

Dream Business Association was born. 

I sold my award-winning, successful product business in July 2020 (yes, during a pandemic AND 10 days before having my daughter!) and my mission now is to support, inspire, and guide YOU to make daily sales, and grow a profitable business that works around your life and family.

Take Action Accelerator

60 minutes with 5 Day Messenger access to follow up and keep you accountable so you take action!

Use our time together to work on:

 ✅ Marketing Strategy

✅ Product Launch

✅ Social Media Strategy

✅ Email Marketing

✅ Sales Strategy

✅ Time Management

 Whatever you need!






Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a product business owner who is ready to take action, grow your audience to make more sales, this is for you!

We have one session lasting 60 minutes, and then 5 days follow up via messenger and email where you can ask more questions and get accountability to ensure you take action.

Yes! 1-1 coaching can help get started.

It's for anyone who feels excited when they think about their business or business idea!  


You get access to me via messenger (eg: Facebook/Instagram or email) for 5 working days so you can ask any follow up questions, and to be kept accountable for any tasks you need to complete.

Yes, it will be uploaded along with any relevant notes and helpful PDF guides so you can watch it back at your leisure.


We accept Stripe (card payments) and Paypal.

I use a software called Zoom which is free for you to download at zoom.com

During the session, we can see and hear each other, and view each other's computer screens to share any information necessary (eg: website, social media, google analytics).

After your payment, you will be taken to your Take Action Accelerator Dashboard where you can book your session via Calendly (booking system)

You will also be sent an email with details on how to log in to your Dashboard.

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