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You have a business you love, but it doesn't love you back.

You're tired of trawling through Facebook Groups looking for the answer to getting more sales in your product business.  

You see other brands online smashing 10k on Instagram and wonder what they have that you don't.

You've downloaded freebies and ebooks, but all they tell you is WHY you need to do this and that to have the business you dream of.

But there is nothing that shows you HOW...

Until now.


But don’t take it from me, here’s what our Founding Members have to say about Dream Business Club


Right from the start, Melissa has been instrumental in me going from "trying to make some money and winging it" to me treating my business like a business.
It was a no brainer for me to invest in my business and myself by joining the Dream Business Club.
It's a group that just keeps giving, from the monthly Masterclasses to the support from Melissa and other members.


I'm part of a wonderful community of product businesses run by the lovely Melissa.
Everyone supports each other we have accountability partners each month, new masterclasses released also each month I just love being part of this amazing Dream Business Club and I think you will too.
She really is your business best friend. On hand to always offer support and guidance.
And not only is Melissa amazing so are her members who are also on help to offer support and guidance.⁠

Dream Business Club is here to support you to make more sales in your product business, create a life that you love, and make life long friends along the way.

Dream Business Club: Membership was created to support product business owners like you to make more sales in your business using 6 key areas of business




The key to daily sales is in your marketing.  We teach you how to launch your product, drive traffic to your website and get skilled at social media.


When you're ready to take the next step we are there for you. Whether it's through long term strategies like SEO, or quick growth through your email list, you can rely on our support.


Your audience needs nurturing throughout their journey with your business.  We give you the tools to ensure your customers come back time and time again.


Setting goals and working out the steps to achieve them is the key to your business plans being successful.  Group Planning Sessions will help you achieve your goals.


Running a product business can be lonely, which is why we make community a priority.  We teach you how to build your community of raving fans.


80% of business success rests on your mindset.  Diving into beliefs you never knew were holding you back, or shifting your mindset to create more confidence around money. We support you in creating a better business mindset.

Reopening 2022

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I caught the entrepreneurial bug from my dad who had been running his own business since he was 16. He taught me how to run a brick and mortar shop and I combined this knowledge with my love of sewing to create award-winning homeware business 'Your Handmade Home'.

In my early days, I collaborated with another business mum to showcase the works of 14 product businesses.  We had one unbelievable pop-up shop that took an amazing £14,000 in just 7 days of trading! 😮

In 2014 took my love of crafts and grew my spare bedroom product business to a 750 sq.ft unit, staff, and turned over £300k within 3 years.

I almost threw it all away when I was cyberbullied.  A competitor was out to destroy my reputation and honestly, the strain of the whole situation made me feel like I wanted to give it all up and get a 'normal' job.

The experience has made a lasting impression on me and I had to protect myself and make some changes.

After much reflection, I decided I wanted to give back to those that supported me.

Etsy was looking for mentors inside a Facebook Group, I jumped at the chance to help other product business owners, and it sparked something in me. 

I started to make plans for my new future.


Dream Business Association was born. 

This new direction has helped me to feel more confident than ever with my place in the world and I don't give those bullies a second thought nowadays. 👋

I sold my award-winning, successful product business last year (yes, during a pandemic AND 10 days before having my daughter!) and my mission now is to support, inspire, and guide YOU to make daily sales, and grow a profitable business that works around your life and family.





From the best in their niche we bring you live and pre-recorded trainings, along with your chance to ‘ask the expert’ in a live Q&A each month.



At the heart of what we do lies our community.  We come together inside our private Facebook Group to discuss business, life and keep each other motivated and accountable.



If you love workbooks, checklists and spreadsheets that don’t leave your head in a spin then you will love The Vault.  Packed with every single piece of content I have created especially for product businesses.



Listen whenever, wherever!

”I've listened to the Masterclasses a number of times whilst walking the dogs.  I also love that it's not on Facebook. I can go in, do what I need and not get distracted.”



We come together weekly and monthly for group coaching and planning sessions.

”I really like the monthly planning sessions as they keep me regularly accountable and reviewing goals.”



Your progress is important to us, so we introduced monthly accountability partners to keep you accountable throughout the month, chat to likeminded business owners and make some new friends in the process.

Reopening 2022

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What our members say about Dream Business Club

Honestly though, the group (& club) is amazing. I'm learning so much & it's keeping me motivated at a time when my hands are tied and preventing me working at the speed that I'd like.

I know I am probably behind having just joined but I have to say today I have implemented messaging my new followers and it has made such a difference. They have interacted with my posts and shared my latest posts to their stories. Something so simple but so effective 😊 just wanted to share!!

The content available from being in the club has been on point and relevant to me and where I am with a developing business. There is also plenty more information available for when I get further along and progress

Dream Business Club Is for you if….

Run a product business

Have a dream to make your business a success

Need clarity, support and guidance

Tired of going it alone


Dream Business Club is not for you if you aren’t willing to:

Take action (this is not a magic pill to success!)

Invest in your business

Put time aside to work ON your business

Interview with Founding Member

One of our Founding Members Anita from Anance talks about why she loves being a members of the Dream Business Club




I invested in a series of 1 to 1 coaching sessions with Melissa and generated orders worth more than the sessions cost off 1 idea we discussed in the first session.

- - - - - 

Great service always. Passionate and committed to empowering others.

- - - - - 

Melissa Davin-Smith So pleased for you & so grateful that you’ve created this community for us all to learn & support each other. Xxx 

- - - - - 

...amazing support, advice and common sense that helps so much from Melissa Davin-Smith! I ask loads of questions and you always have time for them. X 

- - - - - 

Melissa Davin-Smith thank you. It's the first time in a while that things finally feel like they're moving forward.

Reopening 2022

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Business owners who sell a physical product online.  Members have businesses such as candle making, hair bows, hand dyed yarn, stationery, personalised gifts.

You can be at any stage of your business, we are here to support you to get daily sales in your business.

Whenever you're ready! 

The content is ready and waiting for you in your Dashboard.

As soon as you checkout you will be sent an email with how to log in and access the membership and details on how to join the private Facebook Group.

Inside the membership we focus on 6 core areas: Marketing, Growth, Nurture, Plan, Community, Mindset.

Every month, a new masterclass is released so you can work on one thing at a time.

You can also ask questions to the expert themselves each month so you get the most out of the membership.

As much time as you can give! Each training is approximately an hour long, it’s more important that you implement the training before moving onto the next so you don’t get overwhelmed.  All trainings and weekly coaching sessions are recorded, so you can catch up when you can.

There is no risk to joining Dream Business Club, you can cancel at any time*. 

If you feel Dream Business Club isn't right for you cancel within 7 days of joining and I'll give you a full refund.

*excludes pay yearly customers.

We are here for you. whether through the private Facebook Group, your accountability partner, or the weekly live coaching sessions we are here to support you. 

You can also work 1:1 with Melissa if you wish (extra fees apply)

Support, accountability and training to help you make your business make money from your products.

No worries. Email us: [email protected] 

Dream Business Association - All Rights Reserved -Terms & Conditions


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