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The 5 Best Questions to Ask When Surveying Your Audience

When running a product business, the most valuable insight you can learn doesn’t come from your business coach. Though they can be very helpful, the people who can give the most useful feedback are none other than your customers. 


What better way to learn exactly what your customer thinks about your business than by asking them directly? No matter how you survey your customers, either through third-party sites like SurveyMonkey or by posting questions on your company’s social media stories (a great way to get instant feedback!), there is no denying that customer surveys work, and you should be doing them regularly.


Whether you’re a survey pro or just starting to turn to your clientele for feedback, it can be difficult to figure out the best questions to ask your customers to receive the most successful feedback. Here are the five best questions to ask when surveying your audience, and what makes them so effective. 



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