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Top 5 reasons you don't achieve your goals

Are you achieving all your business goals? Are you wondering why you are not getting the results you are after? There may be several things at play here. Today I am sharing the top five reasons you are not achieving your goals right now and what you can do about it.

1. Lack of planning

So many people are running a business but forget to plan. They don’t know what their next six months, quarter, or even week will look like, let alone how much money they can expect to come in. Does that sound familiar?

Be honest, if you were going on holiday, would you plan your flight times, passport, tickets, travelling to the airport, transfers, hotel booking, and more? If you didn't, then you most certainly would miss your flight. Why do you not do the same for your business? Dedicate time to plan: your cashflow, your business goals, and your future ideas, and you will have a much bigger chance of getting the results you want. 


2. Distractions

How distracted are you when...

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