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5 Tools to increase productivity in your business

5 super useful tools that as a business owner you just can't live without!

This amazing website (and App) allows you to create amazing logos, meme posts for social media, posters, business cards, printables, and more! Totally customisable to your business branding (more on that later!) and the best thing is there's a free version! 

Hootsuite and

These are the 2 huge timesavers I've used for my social media for years - I couldn't do without them! I use both equally, Hootsuite is amazing for Facebook and Later was built with Instagram in mind.  Both have free versions offering 30 posts per month for free, so you can schedule your post and save some valuable time! 

Asana or Trello

These are 2 amazing 'To Do' List and planning my day/week/month tools!  I couldn't live without them! or  

These are my go-to sites when I need free stock images!

Dropbox/Google Drive

Secure storage, sharing, and access to my...

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Brainstorming - Getting it out of your head and into reality!

Brainstorming Time!

I love a good hour (ahem, or two) of brainstorming. My husband often finds me with my favourite notebooks* (yes, plural!) scribbling away my thoughts, ideas, plans, dreams, and aspirations! He knows to give me a minute before he interrupts!

I split my notebooks into sections, so like thoughts, they don't get jumbled!

Here are a few ideas for your notebooks:

  • Social Media post ideas
  • Product development/ranges of ideas
  • General Notes
  • Item Description layout/writing
  • Blog/Mailing List ideas
  • Pricing/Suppliers/Costs/Accounting
  • Dreams/Favourite Quotes
  • Goals/Aspirations
  • Events preparation

And many more! So grab your notebooks and get brainstorming!

*I get my A4 lined and plain notebooks from Amazon as I buy in bulk!

I've created this FREE printable to help you brainstorm your amazing ideas!

Grab it here: 

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Branding - Back to basics

Branding your business is SUPER important!

It shows customers who you are, what you are about and what you sell - it shows them in one picture/image/sentence/font all about you.  So you need to get it right!

Now, you don’t actually have to get it right straight away...if your business is ready and all that’s stopping you is your branding then for God’s sake - LAUNCH your business!  You can and will figure the branding part later.

But if you’re here then I guess you want to and are ready to brand your business?

There are several parts to basic branding:

1) Colours

2) Fonts

3) Logo

4) Tag line


I generally like to keep to a maximum of 5 colours for the branding, generally the 5th colour is white. Once you have your colours sorted write down the colour codes (CYMK/RGB) and keep them on hand. You can also add them to your branding template in ready for when you need them.


We use 2 fonts, one for general writing and the...

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5 things you need to know before choosing a business name

What's in a name?


Your business name is the No.1 thing that you need to put the most energy and time into thinking about.  So here are my top 5 things you should know before choosing a business name.

1) Keep it short - super-long-hard-to-remember-business-names are not ideal!  So aim for 3 words max if you can.  Your customer needs to be able to remember it!

2) Avoid abbreviations, play on words. or numbers (for example: 2 instead of two or to) Keep it clear and concise.

3) Check it's available! I've lost count of the number of businesses that choose a name, set up on Facebook, order their business cards and THEN get a cease and desist from the company that owns the registered name or trademark!  The easiest place to check is Companies House, or google 'trademark search' 

PS: And don't forget to check the domain name is available too! (Check this on or

4) Ask the audience!  If you are...

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