The Basics of Social Media

The reason social media exists is in the name; it is social, which means talking to people connecting people.  It's media and PR; it’s pitching your business. 

So you need to be using social media because, I promise you, your customers are on there just waiting to discover your business. 

Talk to your audience

It's your job to go and find them, find the social media platform that they're on, and go and talk to them, make connections with them, make friends with them. But make sure that if they go and click on your personal profile, everything on it ties back to what you're selling and drives them to your website or Facebook Group.

The importance of Content


I do that with funny memes, jokes, things like that, that they will find entertaining, not what you find entertaining. You’ll know they’re working when you get likes, comments and shares. Now entertaining them is an excellent way of getting engagement. So it's the thing that will get them to share your posts; it’s the thing that will get them to comment on your posts. Because it's not a selling post, it is just there to give them value, okay. But they will also remember you for it. So especially make sure that they are branded with your logo or your business name.



For example, show your audience some behind the scenes photos or videos. This is where stories on Instagram and Facebook come into play amazingly well. They are called Stories for a reason, so make sure they have a beginning, a middle and an end. People are nosy; they want to know what you're up to!  



You need to educate your audience about your product about why they need it. 

What is their desire? You’ve got to hit those pain points and those desires. People buy from a place of desire. So they have to want what you're selling.

There is a training on Ideal Client Mind Mapping in the free Facebook Group.


Start making those connections and making those friends with people in your industry. And with people in the same niche as you that may not be selling the same product, collaborate with them, community over competition is so important. Don't see people as competitors; see them as collaborators, people you can work with, not against. 

Networking is huge for visibility. By working with other people, you expose yourself to their audience, and in return, they expose themselves to your audience. So it's a straightforward, quick and easy way to double your audience. And you make a new friend too, as it's hard enough being at home working on your own. It's nice to have business friends online that you can go to; they understand the struggles you're having that your family and friends may not.

Facebook Groups

Join groups that your target market hang out in and be helpful. Don't just pitch straight away because people don't buy from people that they don't know. And they don't know you-yet! 

So you need to start being helpful to start with and go in the group to add value and be helpful. And then people will go and look at what you do because they feel they owe you something. It's abnormal psychology, but it works. 

Personal Profile

You need to make sure that your personal profile points towards your business. You do this by adding your business to the about section on your personal page. Pinning a post directing them to your Facebook Group or email list to the top of your feed, and creating a banner that points to your website and shows what you sell. Remember: You can’t sell on your personal profile.

Make friends

You can have up to 5000 friends on Facebook for a reason. They want you to make those connections. So try it out, make those connections; if you have been chatting to someone in a Facebook Group at the end of the conversation, send them a friend request. Then regularly post on your personal page about wins each week, your tasks for the week ahead, what you’re looking forward to, and they will see those posts. 

Call To Action

Make sure every single post you put out has a call to action on it of what you want your audience to do next. E.g.: 

  • Click here to buy. 
  • Click here and these could be yours. 
  • Buy it now. 
  • Shop Now. 
  • Shop the Collection.

And then add the link not to your website straight to the product page so that the customer can buy the item without a second thought.

If you would like simple, actionable, step by step strategies to make more sales in your product business then join us inside the Facebook Group: 


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