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Who am I selling to?

Have an amazing product, but not getting the sales you expected?

The reason could be as simple as this:⁠
You aren't selling to your Target Market!⁠

One of the main problems I've seen in my near 20 years in the business is trying to sell to EVERYONE!⁠

If you don't hone your message, and your product to your target market, you are effectively selling to everyone, and therefore selling to no-one.⁠

You need to think about:

WHO they are - male? Female?


Are they buying for themselves?

What lifestyle do they lead?

Do they have children? Pets? 

What problem does your product solve for them?  

Get really clear on this, and you will find it easier to create product, speak to your audience and grow your business!

Want to know more?

Grab your FREE Target Market Strategy Workbook and get CLEAR on your Target Market today!⁠  


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