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Stop making these simple mistakes if you want more sales in your product business

No matter how much content you put out there, you’re not getting enough sales, which leaves you feeling frustrated. The worst part is you don’t know why.

You might think you’re doing enough as you’re getting some sales, but there are three mistakes you could be making without even knowing it!

Not planning out your sales posts each month.

If you don’t plan what you’re going to post, you’re essentially winging it. We both know you’re in this for the long haul, right?

 You’re not looking for quick fixes but long term strategies. Planning is the one that brings it all together.

Take the time to plan out your posts each month. Grab my free social media planning template here. Start with awareness days, add in any events you have coming up, any holidays you have planned, and check your Insights on your platforms to see what posts from the last month got the best engagement rate and reach. Create more posts like these - feel free to reuse some of them - if they got good engagement once, they will again!

Putting the link to your product in the comments, not the post

If Facebook didn’t want to allow clickable links in their posts (like Instagram), then surely they would remove our ability to add links in the first place?

I grew my product business online audience to over 16,000 and always posted my links in the post. The critical thing to remember is to use an obvious, immediately actionable call to action for each post that persuades them to click that link.  

What is the person doing just before they see your post? They are scrolling, your post (usually the image or the opening line) catches their eye, they read it and are interested, but then there’s no link, just a vague ‘link in comments’ that doesn’t have the intended impact, and they carry on scrolling. This could be the difference between making a sale or not. 

Do you want to take that risk? 

If you’re worried about your reach being damaged, test it out! Spend 30 days posting with the link in the comments, and then 30 days with the link in the post. Use some great calls to action for both and track your reach, engagement and clicks in a spreadsheet.  

Let me know what you find!

Automatically posting your Instagram post to Facebook

I get why this one happens so often. As a product business owner, you’re busy running your business, wearing all the hats, and if the opportunity comes along to save time, you’ll take it! Posting to Instagram and Facebook together will half your time spent scheduling content, right? Wrong! It’s potentially costing you half your sales! 

Let me explain, Facebook and Instagram are not identical platforms. You need to use links in your posts on Facebook to get visitors to your website to buy your products. 

As a potential customer seeing the words ‘link in bio’ on a Facebook post screams ‘I can’t be bothered’, when in fact, you are bothered, bothered by your lack of consistent sales.  

The solution is a simple one. Stop auto-posting from Instagram to Facebook and use all the features Facebook has to offer you (there are more than you think!) to get your content before your ideal customer. Use links and even a smattering of hashtags could get your post seen if someone is looking for your products.


Now you know what to do; it’s time to put it into action. You should start to see an increase in website visitors and sales. So plan your monthly content strategy, take some time over it. After all, it’s the first point of contact for your audience - content shouldn’t be rushed!  

Test out your calls to action and where you put your links. Have a play with the features Facebook and Instagram give you. The most important thing to remember is that you focus on the action you want them to take and work your content around it. And treat each platform as its own and track your results, so you’re not wasting your time and energy on content that isn’t resonating with your audience or getting you the consistent clicks to your website.

If the thought of content creation leaves you in a cold sweat, then let's work on it together.  With the Take Action Accelerator, we can create a content plan for you so you can confidently create your posts without overwhelm! 

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