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How to create your sell out product offer!

Have you ever come up with an idea for an offer for your target market and thought it was SO GOOD!!? 

Only to find when you put it out there it BOMBED! :(

Me too!! 

I'll show you how I did it wrong, and how I corrected it and made it a SELL OUT! 

Below is the picture of the one that went wrong:

The text reads:

Want £10 worth of materials for FREE?
The first 5 people to spend £30 on the website:
Then enter their order number in the comments here will be sent a £10 Mystery Box in their order totally FREE!
Mystery Boxes contain a mix of supplies from us - brilliant for topping up your stash!"

This item only got 2 sales, which was quite disappointing!

I'll share the 3 reasons why below:

1) The name & image - it just wasn't catchy enough, and did't give enough info.

2) They had to go and place an order (spending over a certain amount) and then come back and find this post to get their free box - this was too much work for the customer, even if the item was going to cost them nothing.

3) I told them what was inside!! It spoilt the surprise!

So, I had a think, left it a month or two and tried again, but with a new tactic.

Here is the new one:

The text reads: 

"What will you find inside??
Worth £30, but yours today for only £10!

As you can see I changed it, and am pleased to say it took only 1 hour to sell out!! 

This is how I did it:

1) Nice bright photo, using more wording and the word 'Surprise' instead of 'Mystery' - everyone loves a surprise, right!?

2) I changed the offer slightly - it was £10 for £30 worth of materials - where in the last offer they were getting about £10-20 worth of materials for FREE.  So this was a no brainer - we made money and cleared out some excess stock!

3) I made it super simple to purchase as I added a link

4) I added scarcity by letting them know there were only 10 available!  We did sell out of the 10 before 9am though, so we added 10 more and we changed the wording to 'today only'

So there you have it! If you put an offer out to your audience and it doesn't work the first time, have a look back and see if you can tweak it and try, try and try again!

 Grab this guide and create your own sell out offer: 


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