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Showing up on Instagram stories!


Devised a process of laying out your Instagram stories, create some fill in the blanks graphics to help you along (we recommend

Instagram Stories drive 30% of the traffic to my website each month!!!

I'm posting on Stories more, getting more interaction and I'm enjoying it!!

Here's how you can do it too:

1) Plan out what you want to show your audience each day. What would they be interested in seeing? How can you tie it in with today's social media post?

2) Create graphics in (they have simple to use Instagram Stories templates!).  Leave some parts blank so you can fill in the gaps directly on Instagram and make them more relevant and personal.  This also means you can use them again and again.

3) Save these graphics as images to your phone/computer/tablet, so you can post them to Instagram stories on the go! 

4) Take a deep breath and publish your first set of stories!! 

Watch the video to see an example of my Instagram stories! 

Feel free to take inspiration from it for your own!

Top Tips:

  • Ask questions (use the poll and questions feature!)
  • Use GIFs - they are so funny!! 
  • Show your face!

Feel free to tag me @dreambusinessassociation in your stories!! I'd love to see them!




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