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How to get more email subscribers for your product business

Email Marketing is a strategy every product business needs to be using to make more sales and grow their audience.

Email gets your products in front of your audience more than any other marketing strategy and gets seen more than social media (for my product business clicks were 30%+ compared to a Facebook reach of 5-7%) so it’s a strategy that can pay off - big time.

How big?

25% of your monthly revenue can be achieved if you use email marketing correctly. (Want to know more? See my email course here)

But how do you turn your audience into subscribers in the first place?

With an amazing Opt-In Freebie and a strategic, consistent way of getting that opt-in in front of your audience.

First, let’s talk about the freebie.

It needs to be relevant, interesting and solve small pain points or go toward solving your customer's pain point with your product.

What types of freebies should I use?

Freebies don’t necessarily have to be a discount code.

If you do want to try out discount codes, try anything from 5 to 15% with your audience over the space of three months (one month per discount code) and stick with the one that they like the best and it might not necessarily be the 5% off - you’d be surprised!

Another option if you don’t want to use a discount code is that you could use a PDF guide that talks about your products and go some way to solving a pain point for your customer.

For example, a candle company offering a PDF of 'how to look after your candle so it lasts longer' would be a great PDF guide that its customers would love.

So I've got my freebie sorted, what's next?

When you've got your amazing freebie ready (and if you’re creating a PDF I highly recommend using Canva to create it) it's time to create the relating social media posts.

You need to shout about your freebie everywhere.

Firstly you want it on the homepage of your website, below your hero image and your first set of testimonials.

You also need it on your banner for your social media pages.

For example, your personal page banner, your business banner and also as the pinned post for your business page and your personal page.

Sharing your freebie opt-in on social media once a week and in your Facebook Group once a week will ensure it gets maximum exposure to your audience.

Instagram stories is also a great place to put your opt-in, and you can use a poll or question to get people to opt-in.

How do I make the freebie really stand out?

You need to make sure that the image for your freebie is enticing, it needs to say exactly what it does on the tin (thank you Ronseal) and is branded so it’s obvious from one glance that it’s from your business. 

Here's an example:

I'm getting email subscribers, what now?

Once you have people on your email list please don’t forget about them!

They are your hottest leads and you need to nurture them so that they know, like and trust you enough to buy from you.

Email them regularly (weekly if you can) with amazing content, behind-the-scenes, value posts and offers just for them. Make them feel special!

if you would like to start using email marketing to make more sales from your email list, check out my course here: 


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