How to boost engagement in your Facebook group

Facebook Groups are currently enjoying great reach compared to Facebook Pages as Meta tries to create more personal connections between people on their platforms.

If you have a Facebook Group and want to boost the engagement inside, then there are several things you can do.  First up we need to answer the age-old question: 

Is a Facebook page the same as a Facebook group?

The short answer is no.  Think of your Facebook Page as your shop window, somewhere people discover you as they walk past (browse Facebook), and your Facebook group is the inside of your shop, where you create more personal connections, or somewhere that you can nurture your VIPs.

You could have 2 Facebook Groups (if you enjoy running them!) For example, I have a private group for my members of the Product Businesses Club Membership, and a ‘free’ group for everybody else (regardless of if they have purchased from me) where I nurture people, making those personal connections and building the know, like and trust which is essential to make sales.

You could have a group for your VIPs (purchasers) and/or one for nurturing people before they buy.


What is a Facebook Group used for?

Your Facebook Group is the first step of your sales funnel.  You funnel ‘cold leads’ into your group, and nurture them inside until they are ready to buy from you.  

You still post on your Facebook/Instagram page as normal, as that's where your ideal customers are finding you. and then you invite them to join your group using a social media post (example below), Stories, Video or Reel to join your Facebook Group.

Once you have people in your group it’s important to nurture them, and encourage them to engage with your content and each other. Comments are GOLD in a Facebook Group.


So here’s how to get more engagement so you can use your group to get more sales!


Post consistently

Have set posts that you schedule for the group every single day.

If you have over 50 people in your group head to your Insights>Engagement, scroll to see your popular days and times (these are shown in your timezone) that your group members are active, and plan to post at those times each week.  You can also plan to go live on the most popular day/time for even more engagement.

Welcome Post

Another post to create each week is your 'Welcome post' for new members.

To do this click on your Members Tab, and on the right (on a desktop) you should see the new members.  (At the time of publishing I think this resets on a Monday, so I do this post each Friday)

Click on welcome new members, it will open up a new post, you can then type in a welcome message for your new members, encourage existing members to welcome the new members (more comments=more engagement, remember!) and like add a fun GIF too if you like!

But a word of the wise we've just found out that if you edit that post (after publishing),  it removes all the tagged members, so try to avoid editing after you've published!



 Use Polls

Polls are another great way to increase engagement as well as do some market research on your business.  If you're not sure what products to sell next, or what colours/themes to add to your ranges then a poll is a great way to get your idea customers opinion - after all they are going to be the ones buying! And it will save you money in the long run, as what you think they want next could be the complete wrong thing!

Be consistent

Consistency is key in groups, and having a group structure is important for your members, to keep them coming back and so they know what's happening in the group on a weekly basis.

Here are a few ideas for great group posts:

  • Monday Motivation
  • Tuesday Chat
  • What's Happening Wednesday
  • Throw Back Thursday
  • Friday Fun

And make sure you reply to every single comment in your group, go in daily to do this and ask questions too! 


How many different types of posts are there in a Facebook group? 

At the time of writing, there are 16 different ways to post in your group. 

Now, I will admit, I don't use them all!

Write down all of the different ways that you can use these post ideas to create more engagement in your group.

  1. Photo/Video - Video is more powerful, so think about uploading a video instead of an image if you can.
  2. Tag People - Have you been speaking about this product with someone or have they recently purchased? Tag them in the post!
  3. Ask for recommendations - Eg: I asked for TV show recommendations and got loads of comments!
  4. GIF - Still my favourite!
  5. Tag Event - Are you taking part or hosting an event?
  6. Feeling/Activity - Underused but a great one to talk about how you are feeling about a new product/event
  7. Add a File - Can you upload a PDF guide or Catalogue of your products for your VIPs?
  8. Host a Q&A - Your audience will always have questions, so this one is great to help them!
  9. Create Room - Want to get even closer to your raving fans? Invite them into a group room and have a chat with them!
  10. Live Video - Your weekly 5 minute live will boost engagement in your group fast!
  11. Check In - At an event? Check in and give your group a look behind the scenes in your business.
  12. Poll - Need to find out something? Poll your audience for fast results
  13. Create Event - A monthly event is a great way to grow your audience and engage your VIPS
  14. Raise Money - Have a charity that's close to your heart? Use this to raise money for them!
  15. Write a Prompt - Great for asking open-ended questions!
  16. Write Column - Facebook's version of a blog post! (NB: This might not be available in your group)

If you use these 16 ideas twice a month, that's ALL your group content written for the entire month! Cool, huh?

How can I make my group more personal?

You want to post as yourself not your page when you are posting and commenting in your group.

Add a photo of yourself to your banner so your audience can put a face to the name. 

Don't be like this guy in his group:

The guy (let's call him Bob) had a group of 50,000 people.  And he got ill. So one of the admins said to the group 'Sorry, Bob's not going to be around for a bit because he's really not very well. But you know, we'll run the group as best as we can until he's back on his feet".

The reaction from the group?

'Who's Bob?"

Because Bob hadn't been present in the group as himself (he posted and commented as his page), the group members didn't know that it was his group or who he was. 

So don't make the same mistake - make sure your group know who you are.


Make it Personal

People love to talk about themselves. So ask questions.

But the trick is don't ask yes or no questions.

The trick is to ask open-ended questions to create more conversation. 

Instead of asking 'Do you like my new product?' Ask what they like about it instead.

And your questions don't just have to be about your products/business. Some of the best engagement questions are generic.

Eg: Did anybody see XYZ last night on television?  Do you prefer Tea or Coffee? 

Facebook Group Admins

Always have another admin (my husband's admin on mine). Because if you get locked out, they can get in. So add another admin - someone that you trust implicitly like your husband or family member. 


Regularly tell your members to turn on their notifications.

 On desktop: Go to 'Joined' > Notification Settings> All posts + Highlights

Top Contributors

Remember to thank your Top Contributors to your group each month.

Go to Admin Tools> Membership to see a list of the Top 10 Contributors for the past 28 days.  I like to take a screenshot and tag them in the post each month.


Go Live 

Videos are the bread and butter of the internet now, they are getting pushed out a lot, lot more. So, regularly talk to your group live so that they can get to know you more

Encourage them to share their thoughts with you by asking lots of questions.

If you are consistent you'll get people to turn up on your lives every single week. You may get nobody joining your live at the start, and that's okay! 

To get more people to join you live make sure you:

Set it up as an event

Give it a catchy name

Make sure it's the same time and date each week (check your Insights to see when most of your group are online)

You don't even have to sell something, it's just about having a conversation. It's about getting out there and just doing it and involve them in your processes.

They are your VIPs. So you want to involve them in your product processes. They will love it because you've taken them along on the journey with you. And they feel more invested in the product, so they're more likely to buy it. 


There are many ways to boost engagement in your Facebook Group.

If you would like more top tips on how to boost your business on Facebook grab my 14 day Facebook Business Booster HERE!




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