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Why your product business needs a Call To Action on it's social media posts

If you don't give your customers a Call To Action (CTA), how will they know what you want them to do? 

It is the BIGGEST mistake you can make online, not to give your customers a CTA! 

A CTA is the NUMBER ONE thing you NEED to have on ALL your posts when you're talking to your ideal customers via social media.

How else are they going to find and buy your product???? Is it going to magically appear at their doorstep? 🤣 NO!

"So what is CTA?" I hear you ask!

Every post you place online, every blog post, every comment you make should include a CTA to encourage the reader to take action! 

Here's some examples:

  • Click here to....
  • Grab your copy here......
  • Click like if you.....
  • Reply back and let me know.......
  • I love your page, let's keep in touch - DM me.....

And ALWAYS follow the CTA with a LINK directly to your product, not to your shop - where they may browse, get bored/forget why they're there, and disappear! Which you certainly don't want to happen!

You can see there are many ways to add a CTA to your posts and get those CLICKS!

To help you create your irresistible Calls to Action grab this CTA Guide:  



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