Case Study - Sam Clare

Sam worked with me 1-1 for 3 months, and here is her story..

Before working with Melissa..
I had a lack of technical knowledge and found selling awkward.
I felt so uncomfortable. I have a reasonably successful handmade business but the sales there are made very emotionally and so didn't feel like selling, but helping. Melissa encouraged me to see that product sales are all problem solving and, therefore, helping and that I had to look at it from a different angle.

Any hesitations?
That my business wasn't in the handmade/craft sector and I no longer have young children so I wouldn't 'fit' as an ideal client.

How did it go over the 3 months?
Right from the first session, I realised they were going to make a difference. Melissa is so good at breaking everything down into steps and stopping the overwhelm. Melissa didn't allow me to overthink anything and could see every issue as a small straightforward one to overcome.
Melissa looked at my business objectively and had solutions that were so obvious and simple but that I just couldn't see. She has a great way of showing how things look from the customer standpoint.

What should others know about working with Melissa:
I love that she teaches and explain from a genuine 'I've been there position' and her technical knowledge was hugely reassuring.
If I was still unsure after she had explained something she said 'that's ok, I'll take care of that part if you do this’. . It was exactly what I needed.
She also snapped me out of some mindset issues. I love her commonsense way of addressing things and that 'there are no silly questions.'

Tell us what your business looks like now
I have a FB group with actively engaged members, my sales have doubled and I am about to start an email marketing campaign which I am very excited about.

My confidence in my technical knowledge has boomed and I feel really good and capable of my business on the whole. I have had people noticing that I am really enjoying what I am doing and that it shows. Which is nice!

What was the best thing about working with Melissa?
That she was approachable and easy to understand. Melissa always offered more help, was readily available to answer questions and checked in with me to make sure I was coping.
Melissa is honest and has great business experience to back her up. She is willing to speed up and slow down as required and never made me feel incapable.


"I would recommend Melissa to any small product business owner who is looking to grow and up-skill themselves and is at the stage where they are prepared to invest in themselves and their business."

You can find out more about Sam here

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