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Brainstorming - Getting it out of your head and into reality!

Brainstorming Time!

I love a good hour (ahem, or two) of brainstorming. My husband often finds me with my favourite notebooks* (yes, plural!) scribbling away my thoughts, ideas, plans, dreams, and aspirations! He knows to give me a minute before he interrupts!

I split my notebooks into sections, so like thoughts, they don't get jumbled!

Here are a few ideas for your notebooks:

  • Social Media post ideas
  • Product development/ranges of ideas
  • General Notes
  • Item Description layout/writing
  • Blog/Mailing List ideas
  • Pricing/Suppliers/Costs/Accounting
  • Dreams/Favourite Quotes
  • Goals/Aspirations
  • Events preparation

And many more! So grab your notebooks and get brainstorming!

*I get my A4 lined and plain notebooks from Amazon as I buy in bulk!

I've created this FREE printable to help you brainstorm your amazing ideas!

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