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How to speak to your ideal customer on a personal level

How to speak to your ideal customer on a personal level

We all want more sales, and one way to get them is to learn how to create personal connections with your ideal customer. But to begin, we have to know who your ideal customer is. And using what you know about them in your content so that they connect with you, you create those real connections that lead to sales over time.


How do I find the right content?

Maybe you once were your ideal customer.  Think back to that time brainstorm keywords and feelings. Then use those in your content over and over to speak to your audience on a personal level because you can connect with them through the same pain points and desires you felt.


If you aren’t your ideal customer, find the people who are and talk to them, get them on the phone or a Zoom call, send them a short survey in return for a discount code for your website. Then use the words they do in your content, not just on social media but also in your emails and on your website.


It's about deepening the connection and using that connection to develop that relationship further, just like you would with a friend - people don’t start as friends, something brings you together, and the relationship develops over time.

How long does it take to nurture my ideal customer?

Check your email subscribers to see how long it took from when they subscribed to their first and second order. 

That timeframe is how long someone needs to be in your ‘world’ and be nurtured by your business before they Know, Like & Trust your business enough to buy from you.

It’s so important to email your subscribers regularly so you are front of mind for them and so they can get to know your business better.

How can I use content to speak to my ideal customer?

If you’re not the face of your business (and you don’t have to be!), you can still use video and your voice to nurture your audience.  You could share some personal tidbits from yourself and your staff. For example, I share my love of Post It Notes. 


What quirks do you have that you can share? You would be surprised who in your audience shares them with you, and that might just be all you need to make that connection that leads to sales.

How can I grow an audience of ideal customers?

If you want to dive deeper into your ideal customer, where to find them, how to attract them and nurture them, then go and grab The Product Business Audience Growth Toolkit.  You’ll use the information in this course over and over, and your business grows and develops.


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