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How to repurpose content in your product business

Do you want to continue getting the same reach, engagement and clicks from your content?

Probably not.

So, what can you do to increase those numbers?

Repurpose your content!

In this blog post, we will discuss how to reuse your existing content in order to engage a new audience or keep your current audience engaged.

We will also provide examples of posts that have done well in terms of reach, engagement and clicks.

Let's get started!

Repurposing content is a great way to engage a new audience or keep your current audience engaged. It also allows you to reuse existing content that is doing well.

  1. First off go through your content from the last 30-60 days.
  2. Which 5-10 posts got the most reach, engagement and clicks.
  3. Use these to repurpose.

You can simply change up the wording or the image for a simple repurpose, you can also change the call to action (if you got great engagement but zero clicks on a product post) and add a call to action on a post that got great reach to maximise...

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How to grow your audience for your product business

Without an audience, you can't get sales.

Growing your audience needs to be something you work towards each and every day. 

There are ways that you can grow your audience very fast like with Facebook Ads, but having organic audience growth strategies for your product business means that you don't have to rely on Ads all the time, though they work well alongside organic strategies for long term growth.


Collaborating with another business

Product Businesses in a similar niche can work together to double their audience. By collaborating on product sales, each business can increase its reach and potential for generating revenue. There are many ways to collaborate productively, and we will discuss a few of them here.

Businesses can sell products to each other wholesale, split profits, or gift products of similar value to one another. Whatever method you choose, working with product businesses in a similar niche is a great way to expand your audience and control your sales.


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How to boost engagement in your Facebook group

Facebook Groups are currently enjoying great reach compared to Facebook Pages as Meta tries to create more personal connections between people on their platforms.

If you have a Facebook Group and want to boost the engagement inside, then there are several things you can do.  First up we need to answer the age-old question: 

Is a Facebook page the same as a Facebook group?

The short answer is no.  Think of your Facebook Page as your shop window, somewhere people discover you as they walk past (browse Facebook), and your Facebook group is the inside of your shop, where you create more personal connections, or somewhere that you can nurture your VIPs.

You could have 2 Facebook Groups (if you enjoy running them!) For example, I have a private group for my members of the Product Businesses Club Membership, and a ‘free’ group for everybody else (regardless of if they have purchased from me) where I nurture people, making those personal connections and building...

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Track these Statistics to Scale Your Sales

Running a product business is essentially a numbers game. But if you're not a numbers person and have no idea what you should be tracking, you can quickly waste time, money and energy on things that aren't going to make you sales.

Leaving you feeling stuck, wondering why you're still in the same position month after month. How would you feel if you knew what numbers to track, the data to interpret without the tech headache? And instead, you feel a sense of accomplishment and determination and a plan of attack for the month ahead.

You'd feel pretty good, right?

I've put together my top KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you need to track and test in your product business.


Visitors to your website, wherever they come from, need to be focused on. For example, if you want one sale a day and a 1% conversion rate, you need 100 visitors to your website each day. Multiply that by the number of days in a month, and you need approximately 3000 visitors every month.

To do that, you...

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Stop making these simple mistakes if you want more sales in your product business

No matter how much content you put out there, you’re not getting enough sales, which leaves you feeling frustrated. The worst part is you don’t know why.

You might think you’re doing enough as you’re getting some sales, but there are three mistakes you could be making without even knowing it!

Not planning out your sales posts each month.

If you don’t plan what you’re going to post, you’re essentially winging it. We both know you’re in this for the long haul, right?

 You’re not looking for quick fixes but long term strategies. Planning is the one that brings it all together.

Take the time to plan out your posts each month. Grab my free social media planning template here. Start with awareness days, add in any events you have coming up, any holidays you have planned, and check your Insights on your platforms to see what posts from the last month got the best engagement rate and reach. Create more posts like these - feel...

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How to speak to your ideal customer on a personal level

How to speak to your ideal customer on a personal level

We all want more sales, and one way to get them is to learn how to create personal connections with your ideal customer. But to begin, we have to know who your ideal customer is. And using what you know about them in your content so that they connect with you, you create those real connections that lead to sales over time.


How do I find the right content?

Maybe you once were your ideal customer.  Think back to that time brainstorm keywords and feelings. Then use those in your content over and over to speak to your audience on a personal level because you can connect with them through the same pain points and desires you felt.


If you aren’t your ideal customer, find the people who are and talk to them, get them on the phone or a Zoom call, send them a short survey in return for a discount code for your website. Then use the words they do in your content, not just on social media but also in your emails...

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How to get more email subscribers for your product business

Email Marketing is a strategy every product business needs to be using to make more sales and grow their audience.

Email gets your products in front of your audience more than any other marketing strategy and gets seen more than social media (for my product business clicks were 30%+ compared to a Facebook reach of 5-7%) so it’s a strategy that can pay off - big time.

How big?

25% of your monthly revenue can be achieved if you use email marketing correctly. (Want to know more? See my email course here)

But how do you turn your audience into subscribers in the first place?

With an amazing Opt-In Freebie and a strategic, consistent way of getting that opt-in in front of your audience.

First, let’s talk about the freebie.

It needs to be relevant, interesting and solve small pain points or go toward solving your customer's pain point with your product.

What types of freebies should I use?

Freebies don’t necessarily have to be a discount code.


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The 5 Best Questions to Ask When Surveying Your Audience

When running a product business, the most valuable insight you can learn doesn’t come from your business coach. Though they can be very helpful, the people who can give the most useful feedback are none other than your customers. 


What better way to learn exactly what your customer thinks about your business than by asking them directly? No matter how you survey your customers, either through third-party sites like SurveyMonkey or by posting questions on your company’s social media stories (a great way to get instant feedback!), there is no denying that customer surveys work, and you should be doing them regularly.


Whether you’re a survey pro or just starting to turn to your clientele for feedback, it can be difficult to figure out the best questions to ask your customers to receive the most successful feedback. Here are the five best questions to ask when surveying your audience, and what makes them so effective. 



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Case Study - Sam Clare

Sam worked with me 1-1 for 3 months, and here is her story..

Before working with Melissa..
I had a lack of technical knowledge and found selling awkward.
I felt so uncomfortable. I have a reasonably successful handmade business but the sales there are made very emotionally and so didn't feel like selling, but helping. Melissa encouraged me to see that product sales are all problem solving and, therefore, helping and that I had to look at it from a different angle.

Any hesitations?
That my business wasn't in the handmade/craft sector and I no longer have young children so I wouldn't 'fit' as an ideal client.

How did it go over the 3 months?
Right from the first session, I realised they were going to make a difference. Melissa is so good at breaking everything down into steps and stopping the overwhelm. Melissa didn't allow me to overthink anything and could see every issue as a small straightforward one to overcome.
Melissa looked at my business objectively and had solutions...

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3 Ways You Can Use SEO To Grow Your Business

When it comes to growing your business online, it's important to never overlook Search engine optimisation. So how can you use SEO to grow your business? 


Search engine optimisation is where you use search engines like Google to get your website in front of your ideal customers when they search for a product or service that you provide. 


Social media is great for growing your business and your brand and it's not that you have to choose just one option. Either Social Media or SEO. You should choose to use both.


They are two different types of marketing. Social media it's a form of push marketing. Where you are pushing your products and services in front of your ideal clients, in the hope that when they see it they will choose to buy from you. 


Search engine optimisation is a form of pull marketing, this is where your customers are searching for you. They are using Google and the other search engines to find the products and services that you...

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