I caught the entrepreneurial bug from my dad who had been running his own business since he was 16. He taught me how to run a brick and mortar shop and I combined this knowledge with my love of sewing to create award-winning homeware business 'Your Handmade Home'.

In my early days, I collaborated with another business mum to showcase the works of 14 product businesses.  We had one unbelievable pop-up shop that took an amazing £14,000 in just 7 days of trading! 😮

In 2014 took my love of crafts and grew my spare bedroom product business to a 750 sq.ft unit, staff, and turned over £300k within 3 years.

I almost threw it all away when I was cyberbullied.  A competitor was out to destroy my reputation and honestly, the strain of the whole situation made me feel like I wanted to give it all up and get a 'normal' job.

The experience has made a lasting impression on me and I had to protect myself and make some changes.

After much reflection, I decided I wanted to give back to those that supported me.

Etsy was looking for mentors inside a Facebook Group, I jumped at the chance to help other product business owners, and it sparked something in me. 

I started to make plans for my new future.

(Winning 'Best Website' Craft Business Awards 2020 for 'Creative Craft Supplies')

Dream Business Association was born. 

This new direction has helped me to feel more confident than ever with my place in the world and I don't give those bullies a second thought nowadays. 👋

I sold my award-winning, successful product business last year (yes, during a pandemic AND 10 days before having my daughter!) and my mission now is to support, inspire, and guide YOU to make daily sales, and grow a profitable business that works around your life and family.

If you would like to know how to work with me on your small business click the link below

Photograph(s) taken by Jonathan Self www.jonathanself.co.uk 

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